Our vessels and tour products are the platform for delivering an amazing adventure. We rely on our talented and passionate staff to carry out these high service standards. See how some our crew have embraced the journey – and turned a job into a career.

Meet Tomo - Deckhand

Tomokazu (Tomo) Minamino - Known for his positive attitude, Tomo is a customer service role model. His outgoing personality was a great fit in the Ticket Office, where he began his career after graduating from AUT in 2012. Looking for a new challenge, he later transferred to the marine side of the business.

With the support of his managers, he has progressed through crew roles – from a start as Onboard Services Crew (OBS) to now Deckhand. While he has more responsibility managing crew on board, he still enjoys talking with customers and making sure they’re happy.

What’s his secret to great customer service? He lives by two mottos. The first is “treat everyone as you’d want to be treated. The other is “plus one,” meaning always add something beyond your job description. He’s learned Te Reo Maori and always asks locals for recommendations to pass on to customers.

Tomo’s tip for career progression: “Progressing through crew roles, HR and my managers were very supportive and always asked me if I was ready to step up. However, it’s up to you to take the initiative and apply. Always ask for the training and support you need to master your job, because customer safety always comes before career progression.”

Meet Andrew - Marine Manager

Andrew Johnson - With nearly 15 years of service under his belt, Andrew is Fullers360’s Marine Manager. Most recently, he was one of three Crew Development Manager (CDMs) who coached and mentored staff to achieve their career goals. He started working in the café as Onboard Services Crew (OBS) and worked through his qualifications all the way to Master in 2008. He knows first-hand the support crew need as they’re learning the ropes. 

What made him want to move to CDM? "During my time as Master, I expressed interest into learning what goes into building, delivering and crewing a new vessel. I got to see an entire new side of Fullers, which made me realise I wanted to get into the shore-based side of things. As CDM and now Marine Manager, I can share my personal experience, combined with the knowledge that was passed down to me by my mentors." 

Andy’s tip for career progression: “Take every learning opportunity you can. I got to experience so much being a crew member and Deckhand for all sorts of Masters over the years. When it comes to advancing your career, take initiative, but respect the process. Instead of rushing to get to the top, realise that those moments when you’re feeling stalled actually contribute to your experience, growth and success later on.”