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Renew a current Fullers pass

You can renew a current Fullers pass online by logging in to the MyFerry member portal or you can register here.

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Pass renewal steps

  • Enter your login details
  • In the pass renewal section enter your surname and the pass ID
  • Your cart should show the value for the renewal. If this is correct click checkout.
  • Confirm your account details
  • Enter your payment details
  • Once successful you will see the order confirmation and receive an email confirmation
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I forgot to renew my Fullers pass last month

If you didn't renew your Fullers pass during the required time-frame, you can visit a Fullers or 360 Discovery ticket office to renew your pass, or contact us.

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How do I buy a new Fullers monthly pass

You need to purchase a new Fullers pass from a Fullers or 360 Discovery ticket office.

Once you have purchased this card you can then register and renew your pass online or at any of our ticket offices.

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I lost my old pass

I lost my old pass and purchased a new one. Can I still use my old pass if I find it again?

No - each Fullers pass has a unique ID number assigned to your account. If you purchased a replacement card it will have this number registered against your account and not your old Fullers pass number.

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Commuter pass options

If you travel regularly on selected Fullers and 360 Discovery services, you may be eligible for various discounted passes and tickets to make your travel more cost effective. 

See pass options for Waiheke Island here or for other commuter destinations click here.