Residents Lane helps Waiheke residents board their preferred sailings and get home during especially busy times throughout the year.

How boarding works

The Waiheke Island Residents Lane is intended to help all Waiheke residents make it on to their preferred sailing during the especially busy visitor season.

It is not a priority boarding lane but is intended to ensure a smooth boarding process for our customers.

  • Residents must show one of the below pass types to access the queue.
  • At boarding, crew will open the Residents Lane queue just before the general visitor queue.
  • Then the general visitor queue will also begin boarding. From then on, there will be dual boarding of the Residents Lane and general queue.
  • Residents Lane will remain open for each sailing until capacity is reached or the boarding gates are about to close.

We strongly advise residents to arrive in the Residents Lane at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing. This will make the boarding process easier and smoother for everyone.

If you have any questions, please ask our ticket office staff or wharf hosts for any clarification about Residents Lane.

Hours of operation

From Downtown Auckland:

Monday to Friday
3:00PM – 6:00PM

9:00AM - 1:00PM

From Matiatia (Waiheke Island):

Monday to Friday
Not operating

3:00PM – 6:00PM

Eligible pass types

Waiheke Island residents with the following pass types are eligible to use the Residents Lane boarding queue. For all other pass types we’ll be requiring an additional Waiheke Residents Lane Card to indicate that you live or work on the island. See below for more information.

Pass types eligible to use Waiheke Residents Lane:

  • Monthly Pass
  • 40-Trip Ticket
  • Off-Island Ticket

From 21 December, a Waiheke Residents Lane Card will be needed when travelling with these pass types:

  • FlexiPass
  • AT HOP Card
  • Single trip ticket
  • AT SuperGold Card

Prior to 21 December, please understand that this queue is intended for Waiheke residents, and our team will use their best judgement when allowing use of Residents Lane.

Waiheke Residents Lane card

To claim a Waiheke Residents Lane card, please bring proof that you either live or work on Waiheke Island to the Matiatia Ticket Office.

Acceptable documents:

  • Waiheke Island residents: Document or bill with your name and Waiheke Island address
  • Off-island workers: Letter from your employer that you work on Waiheke Island
  • School/tertiary students: School ID and a document with your Waiheke Island address

Matiatia Ticket Office staff will then take your photo and issue you an ID card. Waiheke residents’ ID cards will be valid for 2 years, and off-island workers’ cards will be valid for 1 year.


  • What are the hours of operation of Waiheke Residents Lane?

    Waiheke Residents Lane will operate daily:

    • From Matiatia (Waiheke Island)
      Monday to Friday: Not operating
      Sat/Sun/PH:  3:00pm to 6:00pm
    • From Downtown Auckland
      Monday to Friday: 3:00pm to 6:00pm
      Sat/Sun/PH:  9:00pm to 1:00pm
  • Why did you change the name from Locals Lane to Waiheke Residents Lane? What’s the difference?

    The name change reflects the new features. We’ll be requiring proof of residency or employment on the island to use the Residents Lane.

  • Why can’t all the Residents Lane board first? Why do the lanes board together?

    The Residents lane is intended as a bypass of the main queue during times when we have large numbers of visitors and tourists travelling to Waiheke island. The intention is to allow residents to board the next available vessel regardless of visitor volume.  This is particularly effective on Saturday mornings, and as we move further into the season with high peak days during summers. Residents, provided they are on the wharf 5 to 10 minutes before a sailing, get on the vessel they need to. It’s important to note, at any time residents are welcome to use the regular queue if it is shorter.

  • Can I use the regular queue if it is shorter?

    At commuter times when we have less tourists visiting Waiheke, the regular queue tends to be shorter as residents fill the Resident’s Lane. In these times, the residents are welcome to use any lane they prefer.

  • Do I need to alert crew if I want to access the Special Assistance area?

    Yes, at any time you may approach any of our wharf crew for access to Special Assistance area.

  • I have a monthly Waiheke pass; do I still need to get the Residents Lane Card?

    No, you will not need a Residents Lane Card if you have a monthly pass, 40-trip ticket or an off-island ticket. However, it will be needed to travel with any other pass types including Flexipass, AT Hop Card, Single trip ticket and AT Supergold card.

  • How can I claim a Residents Lane Card?

    We want to make this process as easy as possible for you - to be issued a Waiheke Residents Lane Card, all you need to do is bring proof that you either live or work on Waiheke Island to the Matiatia Ticket Office.

  • I qualify for Residents Lane. Can I bring guests with me who don’t live on the island?

    If you qualify for access to the Residents Lane, up to three guests can access the Residents Lane with you.

  • Is the Residents Lane operational at Devonport Wharf?

    No, The Residents lane is only operational at the Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal and Matiatia Wharf at Waiheke Island.

  • I forgot to carry my Residents Lane Card. Can I still use the Residents Lane queue?

    Customers without a Monthly Pass, 40-Trip Ticket or Off-Island Ticket will be required to carry the Residents Lane card to access the Residents Lane queue. Customers who are not carrying their Residents Lane card will be directed to the general queue without exceptions.