Effective 1 July 2018

Recently, Auckland bus services operated by Howick and Eastern and NZ Bus changed their operating model which now means their routes are operated under contract to Auckland Transport and all fare revenue collected is owed to Auckland Transport. The change also included a system upgrade on buses which means there’s no longer an accurate way for free travel numbers to be recorded.

From 1 July 2018, our Devonport and Waiheke Monthly Ferry Pass holders will no longer be eligible for free bus travel on Auckland bus services. Waiheke Monthly Pass holders are still eligible to travel on Waiheke Bus Company services for free on presentation of their pass as they currently do.


Why has this happened now?

It has only recently come to our attention that the bus system upgrade on city-side buses meant that passholders could no longer be recorded. We appreciate that there are a lot of upgrades happening to Auckland’s public transport to make the network run more efficiently, and this change is one of many steps being undertaken to achieve that. As these services are now AT Metro services, Fullers are unable to continue providing this benefit to our Monthly Passholders.


Does this mean the cost of my monthly pass will change?

No, the cost of your monthly pass will remain as it currently is for the time being. The benefit was part of a legacy arrangement, when our owners also owned Stagecoach. The cost of the benefit was never incorporated into the cost of the pass, and over time, Fullers continued to meet the cost of the benefit without passing it on.  With all the changes in the public transport network, Fullers has had to adapt as well, in order to support the changes.  


How do I pay for my bus travel on the city-side services?

You will need to get an AT HOP Card if you don’t already have one or pay cash fare. AT HOP cards provide at least a 20% discount off the cash fares.

These can be purchased at an AT Customer Service Centre at Britomart or Downtown Ferry Terminal Pier 1.