We wanted to let you know about a few changes to the way we deliver freight to and from Waiheke Island.

From 15 December 2018, we’ll be operating Monday to Friday only, and moving to a more agile system using smaller, more transportable trolleys. This will replace the large cages currently in use, which may affect the size of goods you’ll be able to send to and from the island through Fullers360. Due to new size and weight restrictions, unfortunately, we’ll no longer be able to carry large or oversized items that won’t fit into the new trolleys.

Why are we making these changes?
Fullers360 is in the process of streamlining our freight service for various reasons, including to address health and safety issues, upcoming changes to wharf infrastructure and planned improvements to the Downtown Ferry Terminal and most importantly to create a far more efficient and agile system. 

The Downtown Programme, as publicised by Auckland Transport and Auckland Council, is expected to cause a number of challenges to our business. Due to works over the high season and anticipated disruption to ferry passengers, we needed to find a new solution for freight to minimise disruption to our core passenger service. The use of trucks and cages for oversized items will no longer be feasible, given health and safety considerations for our customers and crew.

Quite simply, Fullers360 has never been a bulk freight service, and is better suited to providing quick and efficient transportation of small packages and perishables. We need to be able to move these items alongside our core ferry customers, during our regularly scheduled sailings.

How did we decide on the new trolley size?
A lot of thought went into this decision. We’ve looked at historical demand and have been in discussions with key customers and businesses for a month – and these talks resulted in the new trolley size. We’re still able to cater for key needs of the island, such as urgently moving lab samples – as our service is intended for this type of time-sensitive shipment. While demand trends show that the trolley system will work for many customers, we’re open to increasing the frequency and number of trolleys that can travel on each service if it’s needed and appropriate.

What other freight options are available?
While the changes won’t affect all our customers, we do recognise that others with oversized items will be greatly impacted. We’re very sorry that we’ll no longer be able to offer the oversized freight service to you and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our
long-time customers of this service. As you’ll be aware there is an existing bulk freight service offered to Kennedy Point by other companies.

We also want to remind you that you’re still welcome to carry larger, attended items on with you. We’ve always been flexible with what locals can carry on board while travelling with us, as long as the item doesn’t impact other customers or the boarding process. 

When will the new changes take effect?
We initially announced that the changes would go into effect on 15 October. However, based on further feedback and having discussed this at a board level, we’ve decided to delay the effective date of these changes by two months, to allow businesses more time to adjust their operations or work through alternatives. While we’ll be moving forward with the published freight changes on 15 December, we’ll take learnings as we go and remain flexible and open to further change.

Do you have questions or concerns about these changes?
We encourage those with concerns about freight changes to please come chat to us. For those who are unsure whether the new trolley system will still work for your needs, please reach out to freightenquiries@fullers.co.nz and we’ll help work through your situation.


Please see the below table for more details about the new Fullers360 Freight Service – including the new size requirements and rates, plus Freight Shed hours of operation and delivery times.