Dear customers,

You may have noticed our much-loved Kea has had a rest these past few days.

After more than 30 years of dedicated service to the Devonport Community, we wanted to let you know that the Kea will become a part time vessel in our fleet effective immediately. Kea has loyally transported Devonport commuters and visitors to-and-from Auckland since her commission 1988. Due to her age, issues with the vessel are becoming more frequent and we hope her part time availability will extend her useful life.

To avoid disruption during peak commuter travel times, from today onwards her sailings will be reduced. She will miss seeing the familiar faces regularly each day but looks forward to seeing customers on sailings from time to time.

Between our two new vessels Ika Kākahi and Kekeno, Devonport will continue to have a dedicated Devonport vessel from Thursday 12 December onwards, with additional vessels within our fleet on hand to support in peak travel times. The nature of our network requires us to use our vessels flexibly to meet capacity and provide resilience on this route.

Kea is Fullers360’s second longest serving vessel, holding a special place in the hearts of our crew members and passengers. More than 30 years ago, the Hudson family commissioned and introduced the Kea into the fleet as an innovative and purpose-built vessel for Devonport, responsible for the service and network we see today. She has loved her role serving the Devonport community and is not yet ready for full retirement.

We believe Devonport services will benefit from the two newly introduced four-engine jet propulsion vessels, providing more resilience. Well suited for these routes, the sister vessels have a capacity of 400 customers and wide side doors for efficient boarding. Weekday Devonport services and customers will benefit from their increased capacity, and the support of our other vessels, due to the increased reliability they bring as newer vessels.

As we are now in peak summer, we will continue to do all we can to deliver an efficient service and avoid disruption to our customers where possible.