A few of our customers have been asking why the Stanley Bay ferry service is having a prolonged break over the summer period, so together with Auckland Transport we would like to share the explanation and more information on this change.

As work progresses on the Downtown project and public space, Auckland Transport is making some changes to the berths which ferry services use.

Some Pier 3 services are already operating from Pier 4, and the remainder of the Pier 3 services will be moving to Pier 1C from Monday 6 January.

As a result, there will be limited berths when services return to normal timetable after the holiday season. In order to make sure the other services can continue to operate safely and on time, Auckland Transport have decided to cancel the Stanley Bay ferry service for an additional 5 to 6 weeks on top of the regular Christmas / New Year break. Stanley Bay services will be on hold from 23 December 2019 and resume Monday 17 February 2020*.

We understand this will be an inconvenience for customers, therefore Auckland Transport has made alternate transport arrangements for Stanley Bay customers. From 6th January 2020 to 21st February 2020, the 806 bus will be offering free travel to Stanley Bay passengers to and from Devonport Wharf for catching a ferry to the city.

For information please visit the bus timetable here: at.govt.nz/media/1978117/806-807-814.pdf

*Service resumption dependant on the completion of construction works for the first of the new berths on Queens Wharf West.

For more information please visit at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/service-announcements/ferry-service-changes/#stanley