Help create habitats for endangered and native species on Rotoroa island, an important conservation project and wildlife sanctuary. Rotoroa Island Trust hosts public planting days throughout the years for volunteers wanting to make a big difference on an island apart. 

Volunteer planting days

Join the Rotoroa Island Trust for Volunteer Planting Days over the winter months. This is a perfect opportunity for families, groups of friends or corporate teams to provide much needed assistance to the island.

Rotoroa Island Trust makes it easy to participate and provide gloves and spades. You’ll have a lunch break and more than an hour of free time to explore the island at the end of the day. Plus, we offer a 40% discount on ferry travel for all volunteers.

Get involved

For more information about how to volunteer on Rotoroa Island and upcoming planting days, visit the Rotoroa Island Volunteer page.  

Animal releases

Interested in another memorable experience on Rotoroa Island? Rotoroa Island hosts wildlife release days to introduce species to the sanctuary, including kiwi chicks. Follow Rotoroa Island on Facebook for updates on these special events.

discover Rotoroa Island

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