August 31 2018


Help fundraise for Heat Pumps and a cover for the Te Huruhi Pool.

Waiheke Pool is on a mission to raise the money for heat pumps and a pool cover for the Te Huruhi Pool ready to use by October 2018.

The pool is currently solar heated meaning there is only a limited amount of time each summer that the pool is warm enough to use. By installing heaters and a pool cover we’ll be able to at least double the amount of time the pool can be used annually – 6 months of the year or more!

Fundraising activities include:

  • A Cocktail Evening and Auction Night hosted by our Patrons Sir Graham Henry and Lady Raewyn Henry (at Batch Winery 31st August). 
    To book tickets click here. And to see what’s up for auction click here.
  • A Give A Little page for contributions from near and afar. To make a contribution click here.

 For more information visit