Waiheke Island $35 return deal

Travel off-peak and save

Buy a $35 return ticket to Waiheke today, and travel on selected sailings tomorrow and beyond to unlock great savings.

If you’re flexible with your travel times take advantage of our off-peak sailing times and get to Waiheke Island and back for just $35 return.

How it works

Purchase your ticket online at least one day before travel.

Your $35 return ticket is valid between specific sailing times. Traveling outside of these times requires a standard full-price return ticket.

Off-peak tickets are valid to depart from downtown Auckland and Waiheke at:

  • before 8:29am
  • between 12:01pm and 3:29pm
  • from 7:01pm until the last evening sailing.

Scan your ticket at the pier, hop on board and enjoy your sailing to Waiheke Island.

When it’s time to return to Auckland, your off-peak ticket is valid between the same sailing times as above.

If you're traveling with children you can purchase a standard child’s ticket with your $35 off-peak return ticket.

Travel is subject to Fullers360 Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.

Are your travel plans set in stone?

Our standard tickets offer much more flexibility and are valid for any sailing time for 12 months from purchase. 

Click here to buy a standard ticket online now.

Terms and conditions

$35 Waiheke Island off-peak terms and conditions

  • $35 Waiheke Island off-peak tickets must be purchased at least one (1) calendar day prior to use. 
  • $35 Waiheke Island off-peak tickets can only be purchased online.
  • $35 Waiheke Island off-peak tickets are only valid for the following: return services between the first scheduled service of the day until 8:29am, services scheduled between 12:01pm to 3:29pm, and services scheduled from 7:01pm to the final scheduled service of the day. 
  • $35 Waiheke Island off-peak deal tickets may not be exchanged for a regular ticket, including standard tickets, online tickets or tickets purchased at a Fullers360 ticket office.
  • $35 Waiheke Island off-peak deal tickets purchased may be upgraded to a standard return ticket at any Fullers360 ticket office for services outside off-peak ticket times. 
  • There is no priority access onto the ferry unless otherwise stated on the ticket.
  • $35 Waiheke Island Off-Peak Deal tickets are additional to standard Fullers360 terms and conditions.
  • $35 Waiheke Island Off-Peak Deal tickets are not eligible for use on sailings between Devonport and Waiheke Island.

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