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Fullers360 loves welcoming your furry friends on board our sailings! If your pet meets our criteria, then you’re welcome to bring them along for the ride.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash while boarding and disembarking the vessel. When travelling inside the cabin, dogs and other household pets must be kept inside a suitable, secure, clean, well-ventilated carrier, cage, or crate, with a leakproof base, that is to be kept on the floor of the cabin.

Disability-assist dogs are welcome inside the cabin provided their owner or trainer can show appropriate documentation or identification. They’re exempt from travelling in cages or crates.

Dogs are strictly not permitted on seats or tables. Owners are responsible for their dogs throughout the journey and are liable for any damage caused by their dogs. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs and be mindful of their behaviour towards other customers.

Owners will be fully responsible for their pets and must abide by all legislation and bylaws relating to their dogs including crew directions. Failure to follow instructions will mean the pet will not be allowed to travel.

No animals, dogs or otherwise are permitted to travel on services to Rangitoto Island unless the dog is a trained disability-assist dog. Please see DOC’s website for further information.

Livestock is prohibited from travelling on all ferries and buses.

For more information on bringing pets on board please see our code of conduct page.