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The Waiheke Island Residents Lane is intended to help Waiheke residents make it on to their preferred sailing during the especially busy visitor season.

It is not a priority boarding lane but is intended to ensure a smooth boarding process for our customers.

  • Residents must show one of the following pass types to access the queue:
    • Monthly Pass 
    • 40-trip ticket
    • Off-island ticket 
  • Other pass types will be accepted when presented with a Waiheke Residents Lane Card. These pass types include:  
    • FlexiPass
    • AT HOP Card
    • Single trip ticket
    • AT SuperGold card
  • At boarding, crew will open the Residents Lane queue just before the general visitor queue.
  • Then the general visitor queue will also begin boarding. From then on, there will be dual boarding of the Residents Lane and general queue.
  • Residents Lane will remain open for each sailing until capacity is reached or the boarding gates are about to close.

We strongly advise residents to arrive in the Residents Lane at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing. This will make the boarding process easier and smoother for everyone.

If you have any questions, please ask our ticket office staff or wharf hosts for any clarification about Residents Lane.