Travel Alerts


Devonport – Temporary gate change starting 21 October

There will be a temporary gate change at the Devonport Wharf. Between 21 October and 22 November, all services will operate from Devonport Pier 2.

Devonport Pier 1 will be closed for necessary annual maintenance to the pier infrastructure.

Tagging on & off in Devonport: When boarding in Devonport, AT HOP customers will need to tag on at Pier 1 before joining the queue at Pier 2. When disembarking in Devonport, AT HOP customers will also tag off at Pier 1.

Vessels: To coincide with pier maintenance, Kea will be out on her annual maintenance survey – since she can’t access Pier 2. During this time, you’ll see TiriKat, Ika Kākahi and Kekeno as the primary vessels for the Devonport route, as well as others from time to time.

Limited access: Please be advised that if you have limited mobility, travelling in a wheelchair or with a bike, pram or luggage, we cannot guarantee accessibility on all services. We strongly recommend you use alternative modes of transport during this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we undertake this critical maintenance to keep our infrastructure and vessels safe and shipshape. We’ll let you know when Pier 1 reopens.