Traffic Light System – Orange, from 14 April 2022

  • Do I need a vaccine pass to travel with Fullers360?

    No, from 11.59pm on 4 April My Vaccine Passes are no longer required to be used as part of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

  • Can I travel if I’m not vaccinated?

    Yes, My Vaccine Passes are no longer required to be used as part of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

  • Will Fullers360 crew and employees be vaccinated on my sailing?

    After a period of consultation, Fullers360 mandated all employees to be fully vaccinated by 10 January 2022.

  • Are the cafes on board the ferries open at Orange?

    Yes, on board cafes are open.

  • Do I need a face mask to travel with Fullers360?

    Yes, face masks requirements remain unchanged and they must be worn on public transport.  This includes inside ferry terminals and on board your sailing.

  • What are you doing to provide a safe environment for people at higher risk?

    High risk or immunocompromised passengers travelling to and from Waiheke Island can present themselves to Fullers360 crew or wharf hosts before boarding so that they can consider the possibility of sectioning off a small area on board. We highly recommend high risk passengers travel during off-peak times where sailings are less busy.

  • How are you cleaning the vessels?

    We continue to prioritise high levels of sanitisation onboard vessels. Our staff are wearing PPE when routinely cleaning during their shifts. Shared facilities such as toilets are cleaned more frequently. We have increased cleaning on hard surface in addition to the normal cleaning regime we perform for our facilities.  We will continue with our ‘fogging’ regime for the fleet and workspaces, as we have done throughout all alert levels.

  • Do I need my HOP card to travel on the ferry?

    Yes, please continue to tag on and off using your AT HOP card.

  • What happens if I am unwell while on board or displaying symptoms?

    Please stay home if you are unwell. If you have symptoms, call your doctor or Healthline and get advice about being tested. If you have been told to self-isolate, you must do so immediately.

    If you become unwell while traveling with us, this is our advice: 

    • If you are unwell and displaying COVID-19 symptoms, the Ministry of Health advises you stay home. You can contact Healthline at 0800 358 5453.
    • If you are feeling unwell and need to travel with us, find an isolated area on board the vessel and restrict close contact.
    • Please wear a face mask or covering while travelling with us.
    • Avoid touching surfaces where possible.
    • Wash your hands regularly using soap and water in the bathrooms or use hand sanitiser located on wharves and vessels.
    • Please notify our crew of your symptoms, while maintaining physical distance.