• What is Fullers360 doing to prepare for the possibility of an outbreak of COVID-19 in Auckland to protect its staff and ferry passengers?

    Fullers360 is following the advice from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation and is taking a joint approach with Auckland Transport. We are in frequent contact with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

    For the most up to date changes please read through the Covid19 customer updates for how Fullers360 has responded and adjusted accordingly.

    Here are some measures we are taking to keep our staff and customers safe on board: 

    • We have high levels of cleanliness and hygiene practices onboard our vessels with crew cleaning surfaces frequently either on-run or and after each shift. We will keep updating this practice in line with the Ministry of Health’s advice to prevent spread. 
    • Additional hand sanitizers are provided on all vessels along with soap and water in all restrooms.
  • How are we keeping our customers informed on latest updates related to COVID-19?

    It’s our priority to keep our customers informed. We are notifying customers regularly via our Travel Alerts. On our website, we have set up a new COVID-19 response page and will be updating this page regularly as changes are made. For the latest COVID-19 information and advice for our customers please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/.

    For the most up to date information from the New Zealand Government please visit: covid19.govt.nz/

  • What are the operational changes to ferry services related to COVID-19?

    At alert level one, there are no changes to our timetables, and we will continue to operate on our current schedule. We are now in Winter and our timetables are running similar to our previous winter schedule. We have returned to full passenger capacity and can accept more customers onboard.

    For all information related to our ferry services at alert level one, please visit: fullers.co.nz/customer-updates/customer-updates/our-services-at-alert-level-one/

  • What happens if I’m unwell while on board or displaying symptoms?

    At alert level one, the Government advice is to stay home if you’re sick and call Healthline if you’re displaying any flu-like symptoms.

    If you become unwell while traveling with us, this is our advice: 

    • If you are unwell and displaying Covid-19 symptoms, the Ministry of Health advises you stay home. You can contact the Healthline team at 0800 358 5453.
    • If you are feeling unwell and need to travel with us, find an isolated area on board the vessel and restrict close contact.
    • Please cover your face and mouth while coughing or sneezing.
    • Please consider wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) while you’re travelling with us.
    • Avoid touching surfaces where possible.
    • Wash your hands regularly using soap and water in the bathrooms or use the sanitiser located on wharves and vessels.
    • Please notify our crew of your symptoms, whilst maintaining 2 meters distance.
  • Do I need my HOP card to travel on the ferry?

    Yes, at alert level one our services will remain as usual, so please continue to tag on and off using your AT HOP card.

  • I don’t want to travel because of Coronavirus concerns – can I cancel my tour booking and get a refund?

    We understand customers concerns in relation to travel at this time. Please check our Terms & Conditions page for cancellation policies. Alternatively, you can email our Customer Care Centre any questions at enquiries@fullers.co.nz.

  • What are my options regarding flexibility / amendment / cancellation of my booking?

    Please read these Terms and Conditions before purchasing a ticket, tour or pass. You may get in touch with our Contact Centre for specific enquiries related to COVID-19.

  • Where can I find more information?

    For more information, please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/ or  covid19.govt.nz/ to follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • Can I transport freight?

    Yes, we will now accept all freight.

  • What is Fullers360’s advice for ferry users during alert level 1?

    For travel advice during alert level one – click here 

  • How are Fullers360 keeping crew safe?

    At alert level one, the health & safety of our passengers and crew continues to be our top priority. We will continue practicing our increased cleaning regime and regular disinfecting of the vessels including fogging.

    All our boats are equipped with hand sanitizers as well as soap inside the washrooms. We are in frequent contact with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service to ensure we are always keeping our staff and passengers safe.

  • Will I be charged for ferry travel during alert level 1?

    Yes, normal ferry charges will continue at alert level one. Please continue to tag on and off using your AT HOP card as usual. 

  • What are the timetables for ferry services during alert level 1?

    Our timetables will remain the same at alert level one, with no changes to our current schedule.

    For timetable information please visit: fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/covid-19-timetables/

  • How are you cleaning on board the vessels?

    We will continue to prioritise high levels of sanitisation onboard vessels, and our staff are routinely cleaning high-touch surfaces during their shifts. Shared facilities such as toilets are cleaned more frequently.  We will continue with our ‘fogging’ regime for the fleet and workspaces. Hand sanitisers are available onboard, as well as hand soap in the rest rooms.

  • Are you boarding the ferries to the same capacity as level 2?

    At alert level one, physical distancing is no longer required on public transport. This means we will be operating on full passenger capacity and can accept more customers onboard.

    We encourage you to plan ahead and allow extra time while travelling to board your preferred sailing and avoid peak commuter times if you would like to continue practising your own physical distancing measures.

  • Are onboard cafes reopening?

    All our onboard cafes are open and operating as normal.

  • Will you be adding in more services to Devonport and Waiheke?

    As more passengers travel with us, we are pleased to reintroduce some additional ferry services to our commuter routes. Our current timetable will remain in place for this winter season.

    Reestablishment of services we previously provided needs to be balanced with what is practically possible, supporting the long term sustainability of our ferry services. We will continue to assess demand and are prepared to fulfil future frequency requirements for Devonport and Waiheke.