Stay in the know with the MyFerry app and make your ferry travel smarter and easier!

Access timetables and fares, renew your monthly and multi-trip passes, purchase, view or use QR code tickets to board your ferry, receive instant travel notifications about your ferry service and more!

Whether you travel with us regularly or not, MyFerry will make every journey with us easier and more efficient.

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Travel alerts

Receive simplified travel alerts by destination

Travel alerts will be sent to you as a push notification so you can be alerted of any travel changes immediately for the destination(s) you want to know about. Going on holiday? Simply deselect your travel alerts and you won’t get disturbed.

Set your travel alerts:

  1. Login with your credentials
  2. Go to settings > push notifications
  3. Tap each destination you’d like to receive travel alerts for
  4. Text STOP to 484 to unsubscribe from the old text alert system

Renew a pass

Renewing your monthly pass, 30 day pass or 40 trip ticket is easy

  • Scan your current card based pass barcode and the pass is loaded into your My Tickets section with a scannable QR code
  • You need to have purchased your pass at the ticket office for the first time to use this function
  • Get a reminder when your pass is about to expire and renew directly through the app, no need to queue at the ticket office to renew
How to renew your pass:
  • From the home screen, tap on Settings > Renew a pass
  • Loaded passes will show at the top of your My Tickets screen
  • If you’ve never loaded a pass in the app, you need to select Manually add a pass to your account before you can use the Renew pass function

Just for you - store all your passes and tickets in your MyFerry account, now with added security. 

If you’ve renewed your pass and it’s linked to your MyFerry account, it will show in your My Tickets section – your photo included. Plus, a new Notices section highlights general updates so you can stay in the know at all times.

How to link your Pass to your MyFerry account:

  • If you’ve recently renewed your pass and it’s linked to your MyFerry account, it will show in the My Tickets section of the app. Your photo is included on your pass
  • Due to security reasons, you’re no longer able to scan a physical pass card into the app. You’ll need to link your pass to your MyFerry account, which you use to sign in to the MyFerry app
  • To add your pass to your MyFerry account within the app, go to Settings > Manually add a pass to your account
  • Enter your Last Name and Pass ID and tap Add Pass
  • You can then renew your pass through the MyFerry app if it’s linked to your MyFerry account

Timetables and fares

Timetable and fare information for routes are now available at the touch of a button

  • No need to keep a printed timetable on hand
  • Favourite your frequently travelled routes to quickly access them from your journey planner
  • Use the change travel date function to look ahead for specific dates
  • Buy tickets directly from the timetable
  • From the home screen, tap on Timetable or open the menu >Timetables + Fares

Offline access

Access your passes, tickets and timetables even when you're offline!

Offline access is available for Timetables and Tickets as long as you've logged in to your MyFerry account recently to download the ticket or pass.

What's happening with text alerts?

To keep up with technology trends and the way our customers prefer to receive travel notifications, the text alert service will soon become unavailable.

  • After you’ve updated your app, please unsubscribe from text alerts
  • You can text the word STOP to 484 at any time to cancel
  • You’ll be charged at the normal text rate of 20 cents

What if I don’t have a smart device?

  • Please check the Fullers website on your home device before departing for your ferry service
  • All travel alerts are published in real time on the Travel Alerts page
  • If you’re unsure about any changes, head to a Ticket Office or call the Customer Care Centre on 09 367 9111


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MyFerry App FAQ's

  • What is MyFerry App?

    The MyFerry App is a native app for Apple iOS and Android smartphone devices. We’ve developed this app to make your ferry travel smarter and easier.

  • Why do I need the MyFerry App?

    If you travel frequently with us, the MyFerry App is an invaluable tool with features to make your regular commute easier:

    • Load up your tickets and passes and use your smartphone to board - no more lost tickets, no more queues to renew passes.
    • Get notifications when your passes are about to expire and have the ability to renew instantly.
    • Travel alerts can come directly to your smartphone with push notifications with greater control of what information you receive.
    • Save your frequently traveled routes to the journey planner to quickly access timetable and fare.
  • How much does it cost?

    The MyFerry App is free to download and install, and offers in app purchases of tickets and passes via credit card.

  • I am registered on the website already, do I need to register again?

    You can login to the mobile app using your online registration details, so there is no need to register again. You can use any tickets you've purchased through your web account on your smartphone.

  • Who can download the app?

    The MyFerry App has been designed to work on both iOS and Android devices that meet the minimum system requirements*. Unfortunately, the app is not available for Windows Phone or Blackberry.
    *Minimum Requirements: iOS Software: iOS 10 and above. Android Software: 5 (Lollipop) and above.

  • What passes can I scan into my MyFerry app?

    Currently, you can scan in the following passes to the MyFerry App: Waiheke Month Pass, Waiheke 40 Trip Ticket, Waiheke 30 Day Pass, Devonport Month Pass, Devonport 30 Day Pass*, Stanley Bay 30 Day Pass*, Gulf Harbour Month Pass*.
    10 Trip and 20 Trip tickets cannot be scanned into the app, and will need to be purchased through the app to be used through your phone.

  • I have a monthly pass - how do I use the bus with the app?

    On Waiheke buses, simply show your monthly pass on the app - this doubles as your bus pass. For the Auckland city buses, continue to use your monthly pass card with the sticker and we'll update when the app can be used on all bus services.

  • What is the difference between the MyFerry app and the mobile website?

    Our MyFerry App has the features that you need to travel with us, including the ability to store and use tickets and passes from your smartphone, both of which are not available on the mobile website.

  • How safe is my personal information?

    Fullers takes your privacy seriously. The only information we store is your username and ticket information. Credit card details are stored in a secure payment system.

  • Why can’t I create an account?

    There could be a few issues when trying to create an account. Please try these solutions:

    • If you already have an account through our website, try logging in with these credentials
    • Usernames cannot have any special characters, please try creating a username without special characters.
    • There is a known issue with special characters in passwords we are working to fix. In the meantime please try creating an account without special characters until this is fixed.

    If none of these solutions have worked, please contact us at myferry@fullers.co.nz

  • Where can I send feedback?

    We value your feedback - including your suggestions for possible future improvements to the app.

    Feedback can be sent to myferry@fullers.co.nz