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From Monday 5 February, Fullers360 is making changes to our commuter fares for Waiheke Island services. Commuter fares will increase by an average of 4%, ranging from 15c to $1.05 per trip. For most of the changes, the increase is sitting at approximately .30c per trip.

Affected products for this price change are fares for frequent ferry users including Fullers360, Monthly and FlexiPasses, 40-trip tickets and off-island tickets. There will be no changes made to the standard Waiheke visitor fare.

The moderate increase is in-line with other ferry operators and the weighted average increase of 6.2% being implemented by Auckland Transport across its fare structure, reflecting industry-wide cost pressures. The new pricing falls below the 2023 annual inflation rate of 4.7% and is the first change to commuter fares since 1 July 2022.

The new fares outlined below will take effect from Monday 5 February.

Commuter fare changes effective from 5 February 2024:

Commuter fare types Current pass price New pass price Current price per trip New price per trip Price increase per trip
Fullers360 Monthly Pass
Monthly Pass - adult $403 $419 $8.76^ $9.11^ $0.35
Monthly Pass - tertiary $293 $304.50 $6.37^ $6.62^ $0.25
Monthly Pass - child $177 $184 $3.85^ $4^ $0.15
40-trip ticket
40-trip - adult $574.50 $597.50 $14.36 $14.94 $0.58
40-trip - child $262.50 $273 $6.56 $6.83 $0.27
FlexiPass 10-trip ticket
FlexiPass - adult $166 $176.50 $16.60 $17.65 $1.05
FlexiPass - tertiary $97.50 $101 $9.75 $10.10 $0.35
FlexiPass - child $77 $80 $7.70 $8 $0.30
Off-island return ticket
Off-island - adult $33.50 $34.20 $16.75 $17.10 $0.35
Off-island - child $16 $16.50 $8 $8.25 $0.25
Off-island - family  $80  $83  $10  $10.38  $0.38

^Per trip pricing based on a 46 trip average (21 returns for work/school and 2 weekend returns for leisure).

Despite our best efforts to avoid passing on cost increases to our customers the cost of operating ferry services continues to experience significant cost escalation especially across wages, maintenance, fuel and labour. 

Fullers360 recognises the lifeline we provide to the region's communities, including Waiheke Island, and that for many the cost-of-living crisis is enduring. That is why our business continues to absorb as much of the rising cost of providing services as possible, such as fuel and labour, to keep fare increases to a minimum and to ensure ferry travel is a viable option both now and in the future.

We continue to advocate for further subsidies for the Waiheke Island community with central and local government and offer a range of ticket options to suit all passengers, such as Monthly and FlexiPasses.

Ticket and price information can be found here.

See you on the water.