Fullers360 is shattering gender stereotypes. We have powerful women across the business – from the top leadership role in operations, to bus drivers, maintenance and skippers.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite you to meet the #FemalesofFullers360!

a Fullers360 skipper at 22 years old

Sophie grew up on the Hauraki Gulf. She has keen sailors and boatbuilders on both sides of her family. At just 17, she started working as a deckhand doing a return delivery trip to Australia – and the yacht happened to have a female skipper!

“She was a great mentor and motivated me when I didn’t know many females working in the industry,” said Sophie, who now has even more role models – both female and male – at Fullers360.

Her advice to other women in the industry: “Work hard and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

Sophie can’t imagine a career off the water. She wants to study meteorology next to get an even better understanding of navigating a vessel. Good on you, Sophie!

Waiheke Bus Company's Operation Team Leader

Vicki is WBC’s newest Operations Team Leader. She relocated to Waiheke with her partner after nine years as a midwife in Central Otago.

She always loved driving but had never been behind the wheel of a bus. She was ready for a new adventure, and WBC supported her through her driver training and licensing – all the way to a leadership role. After taking on an After Hours Supervisor position to support other drivers, she recently became Operations Team Leader.

She’s encouraged by the fact Waiheke Bus Company now has eight female bus drivers. When she started in 2016, there were only 3.

Her advice to other women interested in driving: “Just give it a go! For those who are older, it’s something you can think about for the future, just to keep active and learn something new. It would be great for younger people too, to get a start in tourism. Why not?”

an experienced Fullers360 skipper working on boats for 30 years

From the Bay of Islands to the Auckland Harbour, Annie’s been working in the marine industry for more than 30 years.

When she took a deckhand role in 1987, she didn’t know it but had started building a career. Annie had applied to work in a restaurant the ferry company owned on Urupukapuka Island, but ended up on the boats instead – even though she was prone to seasickness!

She quickly grew to love the water. The more experienced crew – women and men – saw her potential, and by 2004 she was driving vessels as a certified skipper.

She got her first taste of the Auckland Harbour in 2012. There was only one other female skipper at Fullers at the time. Annie’s happy to see more women stepping up and is actively mentoring one of her female crew members to start vessel handling soon.