Fullers360 is shattering gender stereotypes!

We have powerful women across our business who are empowered and supported in roles across Fullers360 including maintenance engineers, deckhands and skippers! If you've been thinking about starting a marine career then get inspired and see how some women at Fullers360 have built their careers on the water. 

Fullers360 - International Women's Day
Fullers360 - International Women's Day
Fullers360 - International Women's Day
Fullers360 - International Women's Day
Fullers360 - International Women's Day
Fullers360 - International Women's Day


Tessa has been with Fullers360 for five years. She first started as an on board service summer crew member in 2016 and loved being on the water so much she moved up to a deckhand role. Since then, Tessa completed her super yacht course, qualified deck crew and skipper restricted limits qualifications! Now Tessa is working towards her MEC5 and 500T in the hope to one day be driving one of our vessels.

She has always loved being on the water. Tessa says, “Getting a job that lets me do that every day just made perfect sense; getting to see whales and dolphins as often as we do never get old! Working on the water with such amazing people makes coming to work every day a breeze, I honestly love it”.


Christine has been at Fullers360 just over 10 years. She initially started as an onboard services crew member and since then has worked her way up to a Deckhand role that she’s been in for just over five years. When Christine first started, she knew nothing about boats, but when an opportunity with Fullers360 arose she took it and never looked back.

When asked of one piece of advice she could give women wanting to start a career in the marine industry, Christine says, “Even if you don’t not know what lies ahead, try first and you will see an abundance of opportunities you can pick from”.

One day Christine hopes to become an engineer.

Crew Development Manager

Natasha has been with Fullers360 for five years where she started as an onboard service crew member and worked her way up to a master role. In October last year Natasha had the opportunity to step off the boat and into the office as a Crew Development Manager where she looks after 25 crew. As a Crew Development Manager Natasha hopes to pass on her knowledge and experience to the crew. She says, “I want to provide the team with the opportunities to grow and give them that push to really strive for where they want to get to. If you put in hard work and patience you’ll achieve outstanding results!”

When it comes to progression at Fullers360, Natasha hopes to continue to learn and grow to make a difference in some way, whether it be with training progressing our junior crew.

Natasha says working outdoors on the water and getting to be in an active and physical job is great. “It’s a great environment to work in, each day is different, and it keeps things exciting. Plus, the progression and growth that Fullers360 offers is unlike any other workplace I’ve come across.

“If I could give one piece of advice to women thinking about getting in the marine world it’d be to just go for it! The days of the industry being male dominated are well and truly gone, there are so many avenues and opportunities to try out, who knows where you will end up!”


Tina started as an onboard service summer crew member in November 2016 where she began her career at Fullers360 as a cafe hand.

Since then, Tina has worked her way up to a deckhand position and hopes to become a skipper. Initially Tina took up the position simply because making coffee on the water was a change of pace from making coffee on land. Then her skipper at the time handed her a QDC task book to work on, ever since then Tina has taken every learning opportunity she can get to progress her marine career.

Tina says “Everyone is great with passing on their knowledge, and I get to work with some really awesome people. If you’re thinking about it, then go for it! Get started with a can-do attitude and an open mind for learning and there’s just no telling how far you’ll go”.