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Product features

  • Book your sailing to Waiheke Island on the Waiheke Reserve ferry. 

  • This service lets you pre-book your travel date and departure times in advance.

  • Depart from pier 13 and 14 in Auckland’s Ferry Terminal to Waiheke Island at either 9 am or 11 am.

  • Depart from pier 3 in Waiheke Island’s Matiatia Ferry Terminal to Auckland at either 4 pm or 6 pm. 

  • Boarding for Fullers360 Waiheke Reserve sailings will be available up to 20 minutes prior to departure.

  • Enjoy access to the café on boarding.

  • Hop directly onto the pre-booked service, perfect for travellers with fixed travel schedules. 

  • The Waiheke Reserve service operates from November through April on specific days*.

Product price

Waiheke Reserve ($95.00)

*From 3 November Friday to Sunday. From 1 December, Monday to Sunday. From 12 February, Wednesday to Sunday. From 1 April to 28 April, Friday to Sunday. 

Waiheke Reserve FAQs


The Waiheke Reserve is a new return ferry service which gives visitors to Waiheke Island the opportunity to pre-book the date and departure times in advance of travel to and from Waiheke Island.  

The Waiheke Reserve ferry sails at key visitor times throughout the peak season, offering bookable return sailings. Choose from 9am or 11am from pier 13/14 in Auckland Ferry Terminal and 4pm or 6pm from pier 3 in Matiatia Ferry Terminal. The Waiheke Reserve is the perfect choice for those with fixed travel schedules, return same day or book a return sailing up to three weeks from your date of departure.  

Terms and conditions

All Waiheke Reserve bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions.