• Why do timetables need to be different on race days?

    The timetables have been designed to accommodate the mandatory speed restrictions on the harbour that will occur from midday until 7pm on race days to increase safety on the water.

    While network wide there may be longer journey times and possible delays, some of the selected courses have more of an impact on ferry destinations where the racecourse intercepts the usual ferry routes.

  • Why might journey times be longer?

    We have been advised that speed restrictions are in place between midday and 7pm, with a 5 knot speed restriction in place from the Harbour Bridge and extending to much of our usual operating water space. This means our ferries can not travel at their usual speed and are reduced to running at 5 knots.

  • Has Fullers360 given any prior warning to customers that have already planned to travel over the days leading up to Christmas that the schedule will be different?

    Auckland Transport is the entity leading communications for all America’s Cup events relating to transport, including ferries. Communications materials were distributed in late November to give customers a heads up of possible changes to timetables, longer journey times and delays. Final timetables for each route have only recently been finalised in early December and released to customers at the earliest possible time.

  • Will there be any changes to fares over this period to compensate for timetable changes?

    No. Our usual fares remain in place. We have however introduced a new off-peak Waiheke return ticket at a lower price for travelling outside of peak times.

  • How will you ensure that commuters are given priority over visitors to board vessels at peak travel times?

    We are asking all commuters who use ferries regularly to plan ahead, allow extra time in their journey and to arrive at least 30 minutes early for sailings to ensure you can board your preferred sailing. For Waiheke Residents, the Residents Lane will still be in operation with extended hours.

  • Will Residents’ Lane still be in operation on race days?

    Yes. Residents Lane hours will be extended for race days to 9am – 6pm at the Downtown Ferry Terminal.

  • I don’t think there will be enough service frequency to Waiheke Island to successfully transport commuters as well as visitors to Auckland at this time. Will Fullers360 consider putting more services on this route if the ferries are overloaded?

    We are putting on all available capacity we have within our fleet and crew to keep Aucklanders moving on race days. We have mitigated the inconvenience as best we can through producing timetables with the most capacity available.

    We believe our race day timetable will minimise the inevitable disruptions of a busy America’s Cup racing schedule on the water.

    Please note, as each race days passes, we will continue to evaluate our operations and where possible or required we will seek to refine our timetables and plans in order to minimise disruption to our customers as best we can.

  • How will Fullers enforce face mask use on-board the busy ferry services over this time?

    Our crews will monitor passengers for their use of face coverings will boarding. It is the responsibility of individuals to be wearing their face coverings, and the responsibility of the AT Security Officers and Police to enforce the mandatory mask use. Masks are available on the wharf at the Downtown Ferry Terminal for customers to purchase. Onboard our service we have announcements and posters notifying customers of the mandatory requirements.

  • Will there be changes to the piers in use on race days?

    Yes there can be last minute pier changes on race days. The race days will be a very dynamic operating environment so at times there may be pier changes. We ask customers to arrive early, at least 30 minutes prior to their sailing and to allow extra time to navigate through the downtown construction and ferry terminal.

  • How is Fullers360 going to keep us updated on race days so we can plan our travel times around possible disruptions and changes to the timetable?

    The Fullers360 website will be updated regularly with timetable and travel information. Travel Alerts will be the best way possible to receive the most up to date information, direct to you. We ask all customers to opt in to Travel Alerts and keep an eye on the website or speak with our Wharf staff.