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Do you travel with Fullers360 on a tertiary student Monthly or FlexiPass? In time for the 2021 tertiary year, we are making changes to how these passes work.
Tertiary students with a valid student ID can purchase a discounted Waiheke Monthly tertiary pass or Waiheke Monthly FlexiPass. If you are a new student travelling via ferry from Waiheke or Devonport, check out our available tertiary passes where you are eligible for discounted frequent travel.
From 2021 we are introducing a new process to register and validate tertiary passes and confirm eligibility for the discounted fares available to students. This change aligns tertiary passes more closely to the way Auckland Transport keeps track of their student concessions.
Changes to the tertiary passes:
From 31 March 2021 we now require all new and current Monthly and tertiary FlexiPass to be registered with a current, and valid Student ID.
If you currently hold a Monthly and tertiary FlexiPass, please come into a Fullers360 ticket office as soon as possible to get your pass registered with a current valid Student ID, before 31 March 2021.
Monthly and FlexiPass will be valid for one year, and will need to be validated each calendar year with a Student ID.
All existing tertiary passes must be registered with a Student ID by 31 March 2021. After 31 March 2021, customers who have not registered their current tertiary passes with Fullers360 will not be able to top up their pass online and their pass will be invalid.
All tertiary passes will now require a photo, in some cases this will mean you may need a new pass printed.
If you try to top up an invalid pass online, you will be unable to proceed and will be required to come into one of our ticket offices to have your pass registered or purchase an adult fare.
Tertiary passes that are not registered with a valid Student ID will automatically be blocked from 31 March 2021.
All tertiary passes expire after one year, and will need to be re-registered with a Student ID.
All tertiary passes must be registered with a valid and current Student ID from an Auckland tertiary institution.
A valid Student ID card must be presented at the time of purchase and when registering or validating your ticket/pass, along with one of the following:
  • An AT Tertiary ID sticker for the current year
  • A tertiary concession loaded on your AT Hop card, or your semester enrolment confirmation letter.
Please make sure you have the correct documentation to validate your tertiary pass when speaking with one of our friendly ticket office team members.
For more information on these changes, please speak to our Customer Call Centre or one of our lovely wharf hosts.
See you on the water.