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Please be advised from 1 July 2022, Fullers360 will be making changes to Waiheke Island, Rangitoto Island, Rotoroa Island and Coromandel fares.
Commuter and visitor fares for these services will increase by an average of 8.4%. 
This is Fullers360’s first fare increase since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the business’s best efforts to avoid passing on costs to customers, a general fare increase is required for Fullers360 to maintain a sustainable service, following the sharp rise in operating costs over the past two years. 
The key contributing factors include:
Record high fuel prices, (50% increase over the past two years)
the cost relief from government on diesel fuel is not available to the marine sector, so Fullers360 has not been able to receive or pass on to consumers any fuel relief from recent government subsidies the average transport cost indexation which has been 14.39% and Consumer Price Index (CPI) is currently running at 6.9% P.A other general operational increases including insurance and materials.
We understand this announcement will impact our customers – in particular the regular commuters on our Waiheke ferry services. We have ensured that our commuter customers are affected as little as possible by assessing where we can absorb the increased operating costs across the network.
Fullers360 is committed to providing a stable and reliable ferry service. This fare increase will enable Fullers360 to meet the rise in operational costs and allow the business to continue working towards its investment strategy and vision – to realise the potential of ferry travel in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, through decarbonising the ferry fleet and providing an integrated sustainable public transport service.
The Fullers360 updated ferry fares can be found here: