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Following the public-private partnership agreed by Fullers360 and Auckland Transport (AT) in July, some changes to ferry tickets will be introduced.
The Fullers360 Devonport ferry service has now been fully integrated into AT’s public transport network and ticketing for this service will soon be brought into the same ticketing platform as other AT contracted services.
From 19 August 2022, Fullers360 10-trip FlexiPass and Fullers360 Monthly Passes will no longer be available for purchase for Devonport services.
From 30 November 2022, Fullers360 10-trip FlexiPass and Fullers360 Devonport Monthly Passes will no longer be accepted for travel.
Now that the service is part of the integrated public transport network, passengers are encouraged to use an AT HOP card for their travel.
Next month Waiheke customers will be able to purchase a fully integrated Waiheke AT HOP adult monthly pass.
This pass will allow for unlimited travel for one month on Waiheke services and on all buses and trains that are in the same zone as the start or end of the ferry trip (including Waiheke Island bus services). The pass will be priced the same as the equivalent existing Gulf Harbour and Pine Harbour ferry monthly passes, $345, providing a saving of 14% for commuters.
For more information about these ticketing changes, please visit AT’s website at: