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Every few years Fullers360, along with all marine operators in New Zealand, must complete what’s called a Marine Operator Safety System (MOSS) audit - an independent audit by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) of maritime transport operators' adherence to safety regulations and best practices. The frequency of each audit depends on how well the previous went – a low risk rating means less frequent audits are required.

Audit results sit in a banded framework and our last audit back in 2019 showed we scored in the lowest risk band*. We recently completed our 2023 audit and we’re pleased to say we’ve once again achieved high standards in marine health and safety scoring in the lowest risk band.

The marine environment is complex and has a unique set of potential health and safety risks, including natural hazards and those related to the operation of high-demand fast ferries, which sets marine transport apart from any other mode of transport in New Zealand.

Safety is our number one priority and it’s clear our proactive maintenance programme, upkeep of vessels and an unwavering commitment to safety excellence from our crew, executives and investors is enabling us to provide a world-class ferry service with safety at the forefront.

MNZ has indicated our next audit will take place in 2026.

See you on the water.

*Fullers360 result was in the lowest risk band with a 40-month audit renewal and a low-risk score of 14%.

Low risk: 0-25% (34-48 months renewal)
Standard risk: 25%-62.5% (18-34 months renewal)
High risk: 62.5%-100% (2-18 months renewal)