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“Fullers360’s Board and leadership are disappointed by the recent communication shared by one of our managers to our staff, as it was not aligned with our values and culture. We are working to resolve the situation and provide the appropriate support.

We recognise that our entire team has been operating under significant pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our people have worked exceptionally hard throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have maintained great courage and passion for their roles at an unprecedented time. The dedication of our staff has enabled Fullers360 to continue to deliver services through all alert levels, despite the inherent risk this posed to their own personal health, and we applaud them for that.

There is a desire for us to return our services to pre-COVID levels, however, an instant return to pre-COVID services would put our recovery, and the ferry network we provide, at risk. It is critical to plan for a long-term, sustainable service, which includes bringing services back on stream as passenger numbers make them viable.  We want to assure our customers that our team is unwavering in their pursuit to deliver a frequent and resilient service to island communities.”

Mike Horne, CEO, Fullers360