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From 1 July 2023, Fullers360 is introducing a new Waiheke Island fare structure to help manage demand for ferry services at peak travel times, while the existing 50% discount for visitors travelling at off-peak times is being extended to include children and families.

There are no changes to ticket prices for residents and commuters (Fullers360 monthly pass and FlexiPass).

Waiheke Island is Fullers360’s most popular destination - the business’s new pricing structure aims to shift some of the demand into off-peak times to help manage the flow of passengers. Passengers travelling at peak times will pay a premium whereas customers able to travel off-peak (after 1pm to Waiheke and after 7pm to Auckland) will be able to save 50% off full price adult, child and family fares*.

Fullers360 CEO Mike Horne says since increasing the off-peak deal to 50% saving in April 2023, the business has seen an increase in uptake in sales as visitors look to travel and save.

“We naturally see a drop off in demand as we move into the cooler months each year, but this year we’ve seen this happen concurrently with off-peak ticket sales increasing. We expect this will positively impact the overall customer experience as more customers choose to travel outside of the busy peak window now and t

Fullers360 recognises the lifeline it provides to the region’s communities including Waiheke Island.

Mr Horne says the business will continue to keep ticket prices as low as possible for Waiheke Island residents and commuters.

“The changes to visitor ticket prices will help to ensure that we can achieve this, while continuing to build a sustainable business to meet Aucklander’s growing demand for ferry services and zero carbon emission ferries.

The new premium peak and discounted off-peak fare structure for Waiheke Island results in an overall net decrease in price of 17% meaning the extension of the 50% off discount offsets the heightened peak fares.

Addressing the industry wide shortage of skilled marine crew in New Zealand continues to be a top priority for Fullers360 and the only way to reinstate services and meet the peak demand in busy months.

The visitor fare structure also applies to Rangitoto Island fares from 1 July 2023.