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Introducing Waiheke Reserve

Waiheke Reserve is a new return ferry service from downtown Auckland to Waiheke Island. You'll now be able to book your journey and enjoy a seamless sailing experience to Waiheke.

To book your Waiheke Reserve ticket, please head here.

Learn more about our new service below as we prepare to set sail from early November.


Waiheke Reserve is a new return ferry service which gives visitors to Waiheke Island the opportunity to pre-book a date and departure time in advance of travel to and from Waiheke Island.  

Once booked, seats are secured. Boarding opens for the Waiheke Reserve up to 20mins ahead of departure.


Waiheke Reserve is the perfect choice for those with fixed travel schedules, return sailings can be booked on the same day, or up to three weeks from the date of departure.  

This new service will complement existing Waiheke Walk-up sailings and will help respond to increased visitor demand for ferry services over the peak summer period.


Waiheke Reserve has been welcomed by our partners including travel and cruise ship operators. We believe it will result in significant gains for the Waiheke Island and Auckland economies and communities, including reducing congestion for Waiheke Island residents on the Waiheke Walk-up service, and further bolster Auckland and Waiheke Island’s credentials as world-class tourism destinations. 


Waiheke Reserve FAQs