Kauri trees are under threat. Help protect New Zealand’s unique taonga from kauri dieback disease. Kauri dieback spreads by soil movement. With no cure, it’s threatening kauri with extinction. But you can help!

Act now to stop the spread. Always clean your gear, removing soil from shoes, bike tyres and equipment before and after forest visits. Stay on the track and off kauri roots when you’re out exploring.

Use the wash stations at piers 1-14. If you plan to walk in forested areas across the Hauraki Gulf, or if you’ve previously been walking in other forested areas, clean your gear before boarding the ferry.

SCRUB: Clean all soil off your footwear, bike tyres and gear EVERY TIME you enter or leave an area with kauri.
SPRAY: Use disinfectant only after you have removed all soil.
KEEP TO THE TRACK: Stay on the track and off kauri roots.

Waiheke Island is free of kauri dieback – let’s keep it that way!

The wash station is conveniently located at the Downtown Ferry Terminal in Auckland, where Waiheke services board. There are several track closures to prevent the spread of kauri dieback to Waiheke Island:
  • Fisher Road
  • Walkway linking Awaawaroa to Te Matuku Bay (on Sir Rob Fenwick’s property)
  • Onetangi Reserve.

Prevent the spread of kauri dieback in the Coromandel
There are many strands of kauri in the Coromandel – and unfortunately, kauri dieback has been found on the peninsula. Please use the wash station at the Downtown Ferry Terminal in Auckland before you board Coromandel ferry services. Saving the kauri is worth the extra steps, we promise!

For a full list of track closures, see kauridieback.co.nz/track-closures.